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Benefits of Holding a Ghostek Case for Your Galaxy S10

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is intelligently constructed and engineered to rival any Apple iPhone on the market, including the iPhone XR. It’s built with top-of-the-line Android platforms that tech-savvy fans have come to know and love. If you recently upgraded, it’s no surprise by now that it definitely lives up to its predecessor, the Galaxy S9/S9+.

With fine edges and alluring design, the Galaxy S10 is undoubtedly just as equipped as the Apple iPhone XR/XS. New and improved spec upgrades are constantly being introduced to the smartphones of today.

It’s no wonder astute Samsung and Apple users flock to top-performing, state-of-the-art mobile devices. The crystal clear “infinity” display screen delivers high-definition viewing options and precise fingerprint ID unlock action. Could you imagine upgrading to one of the most technologically innovative mobile phones on the market only to drop it?

Why consider Galaxy S10 case covers for smartphones?

There’s no denying that mobile phones made from hard plastics and metals can be surprisingly durable. However, no glass display screen is immune to cracks caused by accidentally dropping it. This is especially the case when it comes to the smooth, glass-like finish of an enhanced smartphone. If you are still asking yourself: why get a phone cover in the first place? Then, perhaps take into account the fragile and elegant structure of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

1) Don’t forget the AMOLED screen is sensitive to damage.

No matter how eye-pleasing and seamless it is, getting a Galaxy S10 5G Mobile Case is definitely a necessity. Eliminate the possibility of damage caused by simple accidents, trust in a specially designed protective case.

Looking for something ultra-thin that’s easy to put on or remove? The Covert is a spectacular choice because it features enhanced drop protection while being easily removable. “Always protect the screen” is the most common piece of advice given to smartphone users. Take advantage of such sage words and avoid the costly damage of a shattered screen.

2) Losing your grip could mean losing your phone.

The super-smooth design of the Galaxy S10 lends it that comfortable, lightweight feel. Nonetheless, this could also mean even slight moisture from your hands may cause it to become slippery.

Picture it now, it’s a warm, sunny day and you go out for a hike. You stop to take a picture of the stunning landscape. Your hands are sweaty, but you aren’t worried. The Covert3 is protecting your screen while providing an excellent non-slip diamond grip.

What are your Galaxy S10 5G mobile case choices?

Not sure where to look for your smartphone case or cover? There’s no reason to fret. The select series offered at Ghostek will deliver the balance and style you seek.

1) Want a case that combines a rugged style with your sophisticated smartphone?

Consider the Cloak, a shockproof hybrid case capable of drops from up to two meters. Go for that jog or explore that hillside without worrying about irreversibly breaking your phone from dropping it.

2) Looking for tech-friendly cases?

Facial recognition and ultrasonic fingerprint unlock technology are not lost on the Covert or Cloak, as both are compatible.

Ghostek also offers cases that support wireless charging and PowerShare options. Find your premium case here.

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