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Best Phone Case Armband Attachments

Many of us use our phones while running, whether for navigation, listening to podcasts and music, or for our own safety, but who wants to actively consider their phone while exercising? So that you can concentrate on your form, the road, or the pizza you're going to devour at the end of your run, a good armband holds your phone without pinching, chafing, overheating, moving, or bouncing. To determine which running armband is the finest, we tested a range of them. 

Ghostek Armband - EXEC6 Case Attachment Accessories

Phone case armband attachment

The Ghostek Exec 6 has an original design. Due to the case's extreme thinness, the wallet's size is barely noticeable.  Military-grade drop protection is present on the Ghostek Exec 6, but Ghostek doesn't really specify a height for drops. 

Key Features:

  • The Ghostek Exec 6 is constructed of PC and TPU. It fits the phone reasonably well. 
  • The phone cannot slide around on its back because the grip on the case is too tight, and it cannot slide around on its front because of the wallet attachment. 
  • The back of the case is made to be smooth, even without the wallet attachment for a better grip. 
  • The Ghostek Exec 6 won't show signs of heavy use, and the band's texture is excellent. 
  • The Ghostek Exec 6 is undoubtedly easier to handle with larger phones, thanks to the band's efficient grip. 

LifeProof LifeActive Armband With Quickmount

Phone case armband attachment

The LifeActive wristband from Lifeproof features a distinctive design in that your phone is holstered to a universal mount that is fastened to the armband rather than tucked into a transparent compartment. 

The disadvantage is that you won't have any additional storage for your keys and cash, though if you're traveling light or using other pockets, that might not be a big problem.

Key Features:

  • The fact that you can continue to utilize your touchscreen when it is mounted is by far the largest benefit. 
  • Compared to other armband systems, it is also a lighter and more compact solution.
  • In accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, you stick the adhesive adapter to the rear of your phone case, where it mysteriously stays in place and locks into the mount on the armband after 24 hours.
  • You will be surprised by the system’s performance. The dedication is worthwhile because the sticker will keep your phone safe and conveniently accessible. Simply purchase a cheap second case for the sticker if you don't want to permanently attach your phone cover to Lifeproof's sticky mount.

Nathan StrideSport Smartphone Carrier

Phone case armband attachment

The Stridesport armband shares several design elements with Nathan's Super 5K armband, such as a 9 to 15-inch armband length, but it also has a more streamlined band and a window pocket that is somewhat larger (6.5 x 3.4 inches as opposed to the 5K's 6 x 3 inches).

Key Features:

  • Many people praised it for being snug, pleasant, and having a secure fit over clothing and naked skin. 
  • It also includes a wide, user-friendly Velcro fastening, a lightweight, grippy fabric, and just enough room to securely hold the phone inside an Otterbox. 
  • Many people did, however, complain that the armband was too large and that the touchscreen was unreachable when the phone was in the pocket.
  • The Stridesport has a "cord management system" like many sports armbands, which consists of a little anchor you can wrap your cord around to prevent snagging.

VUP Rotatable Running Armband

Phone case armband attachment

The running armband from VUP features a unique construction that holds your phone securely without a case by having you wedge it into a thick rubber web that attaches to a Velcro-closure strap that goes around your upper arm.

Key Features:

  • This design differs from the typical window-screen band in a few ways. One benefit is that it can stretch to suit any size phone, cover or not (though larger phones could jiggle a little). 
  • Additionally, it makes it simple to reach the phone's screen in case you need to switch up the music or answer a call while running.
  • The web-mounted style is much simpler than other solutions, such as LifeProof's band, which need you to affix your phone. 
  • The Velcro is sticky, the strap is firm without being uncomfortable, and the entire set-up is compact and unobtrusive. 
  • It's a reasonable choice for people who prefer having quick access to all of their phone's capabilities as they run.

Things to consider while buying a phone case armband

While some armbands are more simple in style, only large enough to fit a phone, others provide space to hold additional items like cash, cards, and keys. First, determine how much room you require.

Next, consider how frequently you use your phone while running. Does the music need to be manually changed, or should you check the mileage? Depending on how frequently you use your phone while running, you may prefer an armband with a pocket where you can tuck your phone over one that mounts your phone directly to the band.

You can get around this by purchasing a used phone case to use with the armband and removing your phone from the case after runs. Keep in mind that the mount adaptors frequently attach directly to your phone case.

The only barrier between your phone and the sidewalk is whatever protection your phone cover has to offer. Some bands, like the VUP type we suggest, use a rubber grip that extends around your phone to secure it in place. In this case, your phone screen could get broken if you trip or lose your balance.

Finally, it's critical to think about how the armband will remain in place throughout your workout. The majority of running armbands fasten with a flexible strap and a Velcro fastening, but some, like the Ghostek Armband - EXEC6, is secured to the case itself so that even if you fall, your phone will be protected.


The finest phone case armbands for jogging are made to carry your equipment securely and comfortably. Bringing your phone for a run can offer unlimited encouragement in the form of playlists and podcasts, in addition to keeping you safe in an emergency.

So be wise while choosing. Keep the mentioned points in mind and choose an armband suited to your needs.

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