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Best Premium Tough Case for Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Did you know, most people have a checklist when it comes to picking the next smartphone upgrade. Some of the key points to consider are battery life, a crystal-clear touchscreen, and an impressive camera.

Fortunately, you won’t have to look far for the best that Samsung has to offer. If you’re an avid Android user, then consider the Galaxy Note 10+ or 5G. Features include an outstanding 6.8-inch screen with an equally gorgeous backing.

After looking at photos of the new phone, it’s tough to ignore the pristine design. A seemingly flawless appearance is exactly the way most users want to keep it. That sleek finish means scratches, fingerprints, and all manner of smudges are easily visible. With that in mind, it's probably a good idea to look for a durable safeguard. One that still shows off the brilliance of your new smartphone.

Best Note 10 Plus Case

Now that you have upgraded or plan on upgrading to the newest line of Galaxy Note smartphones, its time to check out the best Note 10 plus 5G case of 2020. Ghostek’s Atomic Slim is a Note 10 Plus heavy-duty case is worth your attention.

The Atomic Slim 3 series is designed with exceptional R7x shock absorption tech. It’s constructed with reinforced dual-layers and a super-thin flexible thermoplastic inner skin. It is also considered a Note 10 Plus 5G metal case. So, regardless of which model you gravitate toward, this case has all your bases covered.

This Note 10 Plus military-grade case, the Atomic Slim, can withstand drops as high as twelve feet thanks to the aluminum alloy bumper frame and raised, impact absorbent corners. It also doesn’t hurt that the cover has a lifted bezel for extra screen protection.

Ultra-Durable and Conveniently Transparent

The Atomic Slim comes in three different colors, red, black, and pink. However, don’t be alarmed by the color choices covering up the shiny, sleek smartphone. The Note 10 Plus 5G tough case has a crystal clear, scratch-resistant backing. A great choice for users wanting to admire the Aura Glow design of Samsung’s newest flagship models.

This Note 10 Plus rugged case is a state-of-the-art hybrid ergonomic cover designed with precise cutouts for the S-Pen stylus, buttons, and ports. It’s ultrasonic fingerprint and facial recognition unlock compatible, delivering great external protection for your handheld tech.

Have you ever dropped your phone and watch it slide across the floor? Cringe, when you expect to spot the dents and new scratches? Let that nightmare go by considering one of Ghostek’s popular and ultra-durable smartphone covers.

The Power of Bluetooth

Worried about the absence of a headphone/auxiliary jack? Don’t worry. Ghostek has great alternatives.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus and 10+ 5G are capable of Bluetooth 5.0. If you prefer in-ear headphones, consider Ghostek’s Rush, excellent wireless sport earbuds. They come in several fashionable colors, black/gold, black/gray, blue/gold, white/gold, and white/rose. Enjoy enhanced HD sound quality. It’s also IP4X water-resistant and has wireless controls. Easily answer phone calls, adjust volume, and change your music.

If you’re interested in over-the-ear headphones, go for the immersive sound and comfortable design of Ghostek’s soDrop Pro. Built with wireless Bluetooth connectivity of up to thirty feet, easily enjoy active noise cancellation technology and HD quality sound without interruption. It’s also capable of dual connection. This means you can enjoy some soothing instrumentals while listening to your audiobook.

Be sure to check out more of Ghostek’s merchandise for great deals and state-of-the-art smartphone accessories.

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