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Ghostek Scarlet Glitter Cases for the iPhone XS

Today’s smartphones have come a long way from the original, basic cellular device. What was once a straight communication box has now become a multi-tasking machine. iPhones, for instance, combined a mobile phone, computer, and digital camera into something that carries just as much value as current high-tech cameras and laptops.

Are you a fan of Apple’s iPhones? If so, then you understand how devastating it would be to drop your phone and break it. Nothing is worse than upgrading to a new phone only to scratch it or crack the screen within the first week.

Keeping your iPhone protected from damage should always be at the top of your to-do-list. This means looking for a cover that can handle active, daily use. There’s nothing wrong with investing in a durable, tough-looking case. However, if you’re more interested in bright, colorful patterns and designs, then consider Ghostek’s new phone case line for the iPhone range.

Scarlet ARIEL Series - iPhone XR Glitter Case

The cover itself features an infused flowing liquid glitter and has a glossy mermaid scale pattern. It has a raised bezel for extra screen protection as well as a scratch-resistant backing. The outer layer is built with enhanced shock absorption. Perfect for moments when your smartphone might slip through your fingers.

There are three fashionable colors you can choose from, purple, orange, and blue. Each color actually comes with a multi-hued look. The blue is infused with beautiful shades of green. The purple carries multiple shades of red and the orange pattern includes splashes of yellow.

Have you ever placed your phone down and walked away only to have difficulties spotting it again? This would be the perfect cover for you to consider. Easily spot the bright colors from across the room.

Scarlet AGATE Series - iPhone XS Glitter Case

For something just as eye-catching as the Ariel line, be sure to look at these clear glitter sparkle designs.

Also for the iPhone X, it’s constructed using flexible and transparent TPU material. The cover is embedded with fashion glitter sparkle crystals that come in three popular colors, pink, purple, and red. Perfect for people who love warm colors and extraordinary glitter motifs.

This case is also designed with enhanced shock-absorbing protection, a scratch-resistant clear back, and a raised bezel for extra screen protection.

In need of an iPhone XS Max Glitter Case? You would not have to look far. The Ariel and Agate series is available for the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR. If you are in the market for an iPhone case for ladies, the glitter case line is definitely worth a look.

For more rugged construction or sophisticated choices, be sure to check out the Iron Armor and Covert product lines.

Treat Yourself

Maybe you think looking into accessories is not necessary. On the other hand, who would turn down an opportunity to have a reliable set of headphones or a wireless charging station? The Ariel and Agate covers leave all your ports easily accessible and the cases support wireless charging.

The NRGpak Power Bank delivers convenient wireless charging and comes in four outstanding colors. Keep with the theme and treat yourself to a rose-colored power bank. Visit Ghostek for their wired, wireless, and over-the-ear headphone options.

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