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Google Pixel 7a Phone Case and Cover

Having a smartphone has become a norm and we can get a lot done with just a few clicks. It is necessary to safeguard our device and this can be made possible with a strong, durable, and sturdy case. If you are looking for a case that is perfect for your  Google Pixel 7a, then you have landed in the right place. 

Here is an article discussing the features for the perfect phone case for you: 


Google Pixel 7a Phone Case and Cover by GHOSTEK

Google pixel 7a phone case


Product Link : EXEC Pixel 7a Magnetic Wallet Case with Card Holder


The EXEC Pixel 7a magnetic wallet case by GHOSTEK is all set to release this May. This most recent type of phone cover is specifically made for the Google Pixel 7a and embodies ease, protection, and style in one case. The most noteworthy features are mentioned here. 


Magnetic Closure and Built-in MagnaLink

The most significant characteristic of this case is a built-in magnetic closure. This ensures that your phone remains securely in your pocket or purse even during excess movements such as running or hiking. It is also compatible with MagSafe accessories as it has built-in MagnaLink magnets making it easily attachable and detachable. 


R7x Heavy Duty Shockproof Design

Along with having a magnetic closure, this wallet case also incorporates R7X heavy-duty shock-absorbing technology. So, you do not need to worry about having a broken screen or damaged camera lens accidentally dropping your phone as it has a 12 feet drop resistant feature. 


Magnetic Card Holder

The Pixel 7a phone case also incorporates a magnetic card holder to safely maintain your transportation cards, IDs, or even your credit cards. This unique quality ensures the security of up to 3 cards. 


Secure Lock Design

An exciting feature of the new EXEC Pixel 7a magnetic wallet case is its secure lock design which can support the upcoming GHOSTEK armband and bike mount attachment. With this, you need not fear losing your device while engaging in intense workout sessions or bike rides. 


Raised Bezels

Raised bezels around the screen area help protect the phone's display from scratches, scuffs, and direct impacts when the device is placed face-down. The elevated edges create a buffer zone between the screen and the surface, reducing the risk of damage.

The Pixel 7a Phone Case features raised bezels around the camera cutout to safeguard the camera lens from scratches and cracks. The elevated design helps prevent the camera lens from directly contacting surfaces when the phone is flat.


Impact Absorption

Raised bezels can act as shock absorbers in case of accidental drops or impacts. If your phone falls, the raised edges help to distribute the force of impact across the bezels, reducing the likelihood of damage to the screen or other vulnerable parts.


Enhanced Grip

The presence of raised edges on the sides of the Pixel 7a Phone Case can improve the grip and handling of the device. The elevated edges provide a tactile surface to hold onto, reducing the chance of accidental slips and drops.

Other remarkable features include:

  • Raised Camera Lens Border Perimeter
  • Lifted Bumper Edges to Protect the Screen
  • Ultra-Reactive Buttons 
  • Multi-layered Protection 
  • Wireless Charging 
  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Lifetime Warranty

The EXEC Pixel 7a magnetic wallet case by GHOSTEK is available in three different colors – black, grey, and pink.


8 Things You Should Consider When Looking for a Phone Case for Your Google Pixel 7a 

When purchasing a phone case for your Google Pixel 7a, there are several factors to consider. Here are some important things to keep in mind:



Ensure that the phone case is specifically designed for the Google Pixel 7a. It should have precise cutouts for the phone's ports, buttons, camera, and fingerprint scanner to ensure easy access and functionality. 

Also, look for MagSafe phone cases if you want to use MagSafe accessories for your phone.



Evaluate the level of protection the phone case offers. Look for cases that provide reliable protection against drops, impacts, scratches, and other potential damage. Materials like polycarbonate, TPU, or hybrid designs can offer good protection.


Design and Style

Consider your personal preferences in terms of design and style. Phone cases come in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes. Choose one that suits your taste and complements the aesthetics of your Google Pixel 7a.



Assess the quality and durability of the phone case. Read reviews or look for reputable brands known for producing durable cases. A well-built case will last longer and provide better protection over time.


Grip and Handling 

Consider the grip and handling of the phone case. Look for features like textured surfaces, ergonomic designs, or non-slip materials that can enhance your grip and reduce the chances of accidental drops. The phone cover by GHOSTEK provides an enhanced grip that provides a strong grip.


Slimness and Bulk 

Decide whether you prefer a slim or bulkier case. Slim cases offer a sleek profile and minimal added bulk, while bulkier cases may provide extra protection but can make the phone feel thicker or heavier.



Consider any additional features or functionality you may want in a phone case. Some cases offer card slots, kickstands, or wireless charging compatibility. Determine if any of these features are important to you.

The GHOSTEK Pixel 7a phone case has Magnetic Closure and Built-in MagnaLink, Magnetic Card Holder, and Wireless Charging compatibility.


Price and Budget

Set a budget for your phone case purchase and find options that fall within that range. Keep in mind that higher-priced cases may offer better quality and additional features, but there are also affordable options available.


Reviews and Recommendations 

Read customer reviews and seek recommendations from trusted sources to gain insights into the performance, durability, and user experience of different phone cases for the Google Pixel 7a.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose a phone case that meets your specific needs, preferences, and budget while providing effective protection for your Google Pixel 7a.

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