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How To Choose The Best Power Bank For Your Phone?

How To Choose The Best Power Bank For Your Phone?

Technology has been moving at a fast pace with new inventions launching every day. With the invention of mobile phones, we have everything at the touch of our fingers. No wonder we always have our phones with us all the time. However, the problem of battery life still persists. Here is where power banks come in.

There are a lot of power banks available in the market, but not all power banks are best suited to charge your device. This guide will help you choose the right power bank for your devices and solve your battery life problems forever.

Have a look at the features that you should consider before buying a power bank.

1. Capacity Of The Battery

The first thing that you should look for in a power bank is its battery capacity. The higher the battery capacity of the power bank, the more times it can be used to charge your device. For example, a power bank that has 10,000mAh can charge a phone with 2,500mAh 4 times.

It is best to get a power bank with a higher battery capacity than the battery capacity of your phone. Avoid getting power banks with 2000mAh or lower battery capacity unless you aren’t away from charging ports for a long time.

2. Number Of USB Ports

Power banks have numerous charging ports ranging from 1 to 4 or more. You should choose a power bank based on your requirements. If you don’t want to charge more than one device at a time, then it doesn’t make any sense to pay extra for a power bank with more USB ports. 

On the other hand, if you find the need to charge more than one device at a time, then invest in a power bank with more USB ports.

3. Input Power and Output Power

Input power is important to consider because if your power bank takes all day to charge, it is not worth buying. You want the power bank to charge as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to wait long to use it. Power banks should have a higher input power especially if it is a higher battery capacity power bank.

The output also needs to be higher to help you charge your device faster. Most of the power banks offer an output amperage of 1 or 2 amperes but you can find a power bank with a higher output. Every device requires different output power but any power bank will work unless your device gets heated while charging.

4. Safety Options

The safety of your device and your power bank is important for your peace of mind. Avoid using any power bank that does not mention safety details on it. Don’t compromise on the quality of the power bank for a cheaper option.

If you don’t buy a power bank with protection features, you might end up compromising the quality of the device that you are charging.

It does not mean that you have to buy an expensive power bank. Many brands offer good-quality inexpensive power banks which you can buy with all the safety features.

5. Price

People have a common misconception that expensive things are better. But in case of power banks, the price that you are paying for the product should be worth the features that you are getting.

If you are buying an expensive power bank with a lot of features that are of no use to you, then it is a waste of money. You can get good-quality power banks at a low rate as well.

6. Reviews

Before buying any electronic item, it is best to read the reviews of that product so that you can buy a product that has been tried and tested. You can compare similar products because you might find a better alternative.

If you are buying your power bank online, then it is safe to read the reviews first and check out if your requirements are being met. 

7. LED Lighting

Your power bank should have LED lighting to help you identify the status of your charging. If you have put your power bank for a charge, it should show whenever the charging is complete so that you don’t overcharge it. Other lights indicate how much charging is left in the power bank.

8. Usage Pattern

You need to consider your usage pattern before buying a power bank. There are many different types of power banks but you need the one that will meet your requirements. 

If you are a frequent traveler and you don’t find charging outlets easily, then you should buy a power bank with a higher battery capacity. In this case, you should not consider the heavyweight or the bulkiness of the power bank because high battery capacity power banks tend to be heavier. The only thing that matters is that you can charge your device more often.

If you don’t find much use of a power bank unless you need quick charging before you reach home, then you can get a power bank with low battery capacity. It is light in weight and can be easy to carry around.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking to buy a suitable power bank, we recommend the NRGpak Power Bank. It offers a fast charging feature at a low rate without compromising on quality. 

NRGpak Power Bank

Price: $19.98 [5000mAh]

NrgPak Portable Charger

The NRGpak Power Bank is perfect for you if you have frequent use of your phone and there isn’t a socket around to charge your device. This power bank is available in two battery capacities of 5,000mAh and 10,000mAh. You can choose the power bank that suits your charging requirements.

Some of the striking features of this power bank are:

  • High input and output power
  • Comes with different slots for USB and Type-C cables
  • Li-Polymer Battery
  • Rated Energy: 18.5Wh/3.7V


Make sure that you consider all the things that we mentioned above before buying a power bank. A power bank that is right for your friend might not be right for you. Consider your requirements before you choose the best power bank for yourself.

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