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Things To Consider While Purchasing Wireless Headphones

Things To Consider While Purchasing Wireless Headphones

To get the best sound and music experience it is very important to have quality wireless headphones. You may ask for suggestions from your friends or colleagues but sometimes getting a third perspective also really helps. This article will help you get that perspective.

So what are some things to consider while purchasing wireless headphones? Do you have to look at certain specifics like buying a phone or a laptop? How to choose the best one for you? Let’s find out.

Here are some parameters to look at while buying wireless headphones:

Before we get into the details, the most important things to look for are the sound quality, design, features, and battery life. Here are some great Ghostek wireless headphones that you can choose from and then compare them with the points stated below. 


1. Audio Quality

Of course, the most important aspect of buying headphones is their sound quality. Before Bluetooth or wireless headphones were not really meant for high-quality audio which meant that sound was compressed which then made it sound bad.

Today many wireless headphones are equipped with aptX technology. The compression of the audio is done in a better and more efficient way with this technology which makes the sound better. 

The most important thing to consider here is that both your device (phone) and your headphones should support the aptX technology for it to work but this isn’t a big issue as most phones today do support this technology.

2. Voice Call Quality

Some Bluetooth wireless headphones balance out the sound quality as well as the voice call quality while other headphones compromise for this. They may either have a good sound or good voice call quality and not both. Thus, make sure you check for all this before buying your wireless headset. 

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3. Noise Cancellation

If you want to protect your hearing, reduce environmental distractions. It filters out or even blocks high-frequency sound waves. People try to compensate for the environmental distractions and loud voices around them by listening to audios at a very high volume but this only leads to long-run hearing impairments.

When you are in an airplane or a bus you may increase the volume of your headphones to reduce the external distractions. What noise-canceling headphones do is that it helps you listen to your audio at a fuller and vibrant pace within healthy volume levels.

It helps you reduce these audio distractions and helps you focus on the task at hand. Thus, check for proper quality noise-canceling wireless headphones. The only big disadvantage with a good set of noise-canceling Bluetooth wireless headphones is that they may cost more than regular headphones. 

4. Size and Appearance of the Headphones

There are 3 different forms of headphones. The first one is in-ear headphones which basically go into your ear. The other two types which are on-ear and over-ear headphones are very similar, the only difference being on-ear headphones have comparatively smaller earpads than over-ear headphones. 

There is no wrong choice here but it totally depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for portability, battery life, and versatility, on-ear headphones are the best choice for you.

If you are looking for high-quality sound, better bass, and louder volumes, an over-ear headset is a good option. However, carrying it around might be a bit of a problem due to its large size.

Most manufacturers today design extremely sleek headphones so that they aren’t too bulky on the ears and can be carried around easily. 

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5. Pairing And Controls

When it comes to wireless headphones, manufacturers focus more on their appearance rather than on the controls. Some wireless headphones have protruding buttons that you can touch and control but many modern ones today are solely based on touch alone. 

Another important thing to consider is the pairing with an external device. Most are easily paired with your phone while others may have NFC functionality.

6. Findability

Finding where you kept your headphones in the dark can sometimes be a task. Thus, good blue light or a beep signal would be really good to locate your headphones. Check for these features before buying your wireless headset. 

7. Battery Life

This is one of the utmost importance to consider because a good battery life means that you do not have to worry about charging it every now and then and can take it away with you whenever and wherever you need without having to worry about when the battery is going to die.

Most wireless earbuds have a battery life of a maximum of 8 hours or sometimes even less while wireless headphones can have a battery life that can last you an entire day without charging or even longer. Thus, make sure you check all the details of the product before selecting the best wireless headset for yourself. 

8. Compact USB charger

A charger that is small and can be carried around easily is better than big and bulky ones. Although this is not a very important factor you may still consider it if you are looking for something that is size-friendly. 

9. Price

The most important factor or parameter when it comes to purchasing anything is its price. Obviously, you do not want to regret buying something that doesn’t really function the way it says it would and then be sad about the spent money. Therefore it is important to consider the price of the headphones too and see if it is really worth the price.

It also depends on what exactly you personally are looking for. A good quality set of wireless headphones with the best audio quality, good noise cancellation, great design and look, advanced features are definitely going to cost you more but at the same time, it would be a great purchase.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something not too fancy, an average style wireless headphones, these will be cheaper and budget-friendly for you. 


The products listed in this article are handpicked and choose to give you the best options to choose from. If there is anything more you need to know about them you can visit the website and read it in the description and features column.

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